Covenants of a 7DH
#1 Courage...

One orphan at a time...

7 Day Hero introduces our Child Sponsorship Program. We will begin supporting children at 2 orphanages in Da Nang and Quang Nam Provence. There is a third orphanage in Hoi An that needs our help, as well as a children's wing with hospitalized orphans at Phu San Nhi Hospital in Da Nang.  Would you consider helping us change the lives of Vietnamese children? For $30 a month, each child will receive nutritious food, clean water, school supplies, birthday parties, Sunday school curriculum, and a money savings program. Our goal is to give them the hope of God's Love.  

Will You Consider Sponsoring One or More?

   501c3 Non-Profit Organization

he´- ro (n)

One who gives himself away, helping those who can’t help themselves, expecting nothing in return. 

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