Special Update: 1000 Eyes to See in Vietnam! 

We are on a campaign for 1,000 EYES TO SEE!
The cost of the glaucoma/cataract surgery is $38 U.S. That includes: the hospital, the Dr., the surgery, two meals and round trip bus tickets from and to their village. 100+ surgeries already completed! Donate today! Or even better, join us on our next trip and change lives first hand.

God made us to be heroes. Our culture and even the church at large does not give men and women that many opportunities to be who God created them to be. 

7 Day hero exists to give both men and women the opportunity to be a hero overseas. While on these life changing faith adventures, we talk about what it feels like to be that hero. We also talk about ways we can be that hero at home with our spouse and children. If we are a hero overseas and a hero at home, we will be a hero in our community and our church, hence being a 7 Day Hero.

Having traveled to 40 plus countries, I have seen the lives of people change. Not only do we help change the lives of the indigenous people including the poor and needy, but those who go on these faith adventures are changed. 7 Day Hero is about life change. We believe God can use us as we serve the poorest of the poor. We are called to do it.

We have recently been traveling to Vietnam, taking US war veterans back to where the served. Emotional healing is started and we have seen veterans come full circle as they serve their former enemy.

Consider joining us on a future trip with a group of men and women. We always try to work with and support the local, indigenous pastor or NGO to make our efforts sustainable.

Contact 7 Day Hero and join us in changing lives by serving the poor and needy.

Jerry Huson, PhD.  
Executive Director


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